"Aji-Hitosuji"(Naturally Excellent Taste) by Yoshio Nagatani(Founder of Nagatanien.Co.,Ltd.)

Ever since our founding in 1953, Nagatanien Co.,Ltd. has striven to provide products that please customers, in the spirit of pursuing “Naturally Excellent Taste.” Pursuing “Naturally Excellent Taste” is the corporate philosophy of Nagatanien. It is also our basic approach in our ongoing efforts to provide delicious flavor to customers through inventiveness and innovation.

We have long enjoyed our customers’ patronage of our products, from our very first product, “Ochazuke Nori” (Seasoning for Rice Soup), to “Matsutake-no Aji Osuimono” (Matsutake Mushroom Flavored Instant Soup Mix), “Asage” (Instant Miso Soup), and “Mabo-Harusame” (Bean Threads & Mabo Sauce with Vegetables). We are currently expanding a variety of businesses, including processed foods, commercial-use foods, and overseas business. We have built the Nagatanien brand name by earning our customers’ trust over the course of many years; it is our greatest asset and our most valued possession.

As customers’ concerns about food safety and security have grown and the population has aged in recent years, the environment surrounding food has undergone a major transformation. Given the times that we face, it is our sincerest desire to devote ourselves wholeheartedly, with renewed enthusiasm for new projects, to offering new values that will enrich customers’ lives, while continuing to produce safe products that customers can use with peace of mind.

Taijiro Nagatani
President / Nagatanien Co.,Ltd.