"Aji-Hitosuji"(Naturally Excellent Taste) by Yoshio Nagatani(Founder of Nagatanien.Co.,Ltd.)

Leveraging a corporate philosophy of “Aji-Hitosuji” (Naturally Excellent Taste), Nagatanien Co. Ltd. has constantly proposed new value, reflecting contemporary trends with originality and ingenuity and created new markets. This includes the development of “Ochazuke Nori” (Seasoning for Rice Soup), which went on sale in 1952 and the company has pioneered instant food in Japan right up to the present. Our current product lineup includes many different products such as ochazuke (seasoning for rice soup), furikake (topping for rice), instant miso soup, souzai-no-moto (premixed sauces for cooking), noodle products, etc. and our products have earned customers’ patronage through different age groups. We are also a development-oriented food manufacturer and have been focusing our business on Japanese-style instant food under the keywords “Japanese““ Healthy” in the overseas market.

Recently, the environment surrounding food has been changing significantly, amid a shrinking domestic market, due to the decreasing birthrate, an aging population, a rise in global population and increasingly limited food supplies. Nevertheless, we believe thinking ahead such contemporary changes and proposing the value which present-day customers seek will help create sufficient room for continued growth in the food market as our main focal area; both domestically and overseas.

We will refine our ability to put forward new value and resolutely challenge new areas as well as revitalizing existing categories. Moreover, by developing products unique Nagatanienlike product and brimming with originality, implementing various projects to convey the appeal of products and ensuring food safety and assurance, we will reinforce our relationship of trust with customers and continue to promote rapid progress.

Genjiro Iizuka
President / Nagatanien Co.,Ltd.