Message from the president


  • Kenichi Narita President / Nagatanien Co.,Ltd.

    Kenichi Narita President / Nagatanien Co.,Ltd.

  • In pursuit of our corporate vision, “Aji-Hitosuji” (Naturally Excellent Taste), we at Nagatanien Co., Ltd. have been—ever since we have developed “Ochazuke Nori” (seaweed seasoning for rice covered in tea), a pioneering instant food, and to this very day—creating new markets by constantly using our imagination and creativity to propose new values that reflect our times. Our product lineup today spans across diverse categories, including ochazuke (seasoning for rice covered in tea), furikake (topping for rice), instant miso soup, souzai-no-moto (heat-and-serve sauces for dishes), and noodle products, which are enjoyed by customers of all age groups.

Against the backdrop of decreasing birth rate, aging population, prevalence of information technology in the society, and increasing health and environmental awareness, what our customers demand from their food is rapidly changing. In order to remain “a company which survives the new age and continues to contribute to the society” amidst such change, we seek to strengthen the links between the three fundamental functions of our manufacturing business—to “innovate”, “make”, and “sell”—and to do our very best in making value propositions that are faithfully aligned with our customers’ feelings.

2022 marks the milestone of the 70th anniversary of the launch of “Ochazuke Nori”.We will remain true to our founding desire “to contribute to building a prosperous society through food”, and we will continue to strengthen the trust of our customers even further by developing products which are alive with originality unique to Nagatanien, pursuing campaigns which convey the appeals of our products, and assuring the safety of our products.

Company profile


English Corporate Name
April, 1953
Paid-In Capital
3,502 million yen
Kenichi Narita
Business Activities
Manufacturing and distribution of premixed and instant food such as Ochazuke, Furikake, Miso soup, Sushi Mix and others
Location of Head Office
2-36-1, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo